Mike Crowley is Middle School principal and Assistant Director at  The International School of Brussels, Belgium. This blog shares some personal reflections on learning with a particular focus on the maelstrom of change in education, educational technology, student learning, and school culture.

Thirty years as a teacher and school leader have taught me that school change can be a positive experience for students and teachers providing we carefully develop and intentionally nurture a school culture that supports it.

While the views expressed here are inevitably informed by my daily work, they are not intended to reflect the views of my employers, nor do I believe that a personal blog is an appropriate place to debate the internal, dynamic of my own school (an amazing place to work and learn). Should I make reference to my own school, it will be as a celebration of our efforts, not a critique. These are simply the opinions of someone enjoying the dizzying journey and attempting to make some sense of broader trends and challenges for myself in a reflective manner.